About Us


Providing innovative technology and ingredients utilizing natural enzymes enabling our customers to maximize performance and profit potential. The products we have created help you to:

  • Maximize yield potential
  • Improve shelf stability and extend product life
  • Gain better processing speeds and improve machinability

Our clear understanding of the functionality of our natural enzyme blends allows us to facilitate the composition, machining and handling of sometimes complex food systems.

NIS has a talented team of scientists and food formulators available to put together natural and organic blends with no synthetic ingredients. We are available to assist in the process from incubation of an idea you may have to adaptation of your current product line.

What we offer

NIS has developed specially formulated enzyme blends with your individual needs in mind to help facilitate the cross-links of gluten proteins, thereby strengthening the gluten and improving the rheological properties of the medium during mixing. Our newly developed enzyme conditioners are performance specific for a multitude of baking applications including:

  • Frozen
  • Commercial
  • Sweet goods
  • Organic
  • High fiber & rye breads
  • Artisan
  • Sponge & dough